Helsinki Artists’ Association’s ART RING

Helsinki Artists’ Association (Helingin taiteilijaseura, HTS), with over 700 professional members, has received money from the city’s centre for culture to create community art projects in Helsinki’s northwest area for a period of three years (2016–2018). Shortly, artists will create art together with locals in the Kaarela area, open for all to participate in, for free.

Magdalena Åberg, artist and member of HTS herself, worked as the producer for this project in 2016.

Find out more about the ongoing projects at helsingintaiteilijaseura.fi/helsinki-hanke/ or on Facebook.

Documentation and artworks from all of these projects will be shown in Kanneltalo Gallery in December 2016.

In 2016 our projects were:


The Old Mall Goes Storytelling

The old shopping mall (Kannelmäen vanha ostari) will be torn down over a period of three years, under which the artist Nella Keskisarja will follow this process, and together with locals, collect memories of the place. Photos, materials, stories will become small shows, and anyone can contribute to the meetings with personal memories and experiences.

Get to know (by) Drawing

Get to know your own face or your co citizens through drawing it with ink or charcoal. Pauliina Jokela, Elina Rantasuo and Laura Ukkonen inspired locals to draw their own or their friends’ portraits (June 2016) and gathered them to one big portrait of Kannelmäki, consisting of over 200 works.

urban nature.jpg

Urban Nature

Helsinki Artists’ Association and the centre for modern dance, Zodiak, have joined together, helped by gardener Janne Länsipuro, to create some urban gardening (2016–18). Plants are grown in Kanneltalo, to be taken out to Sitratori and Antinniitty for May and summer. Groups of children and adults also draw and do movement workshops in addition to taking care of the plants. HTS artist Jenny Suhonen’s is head of the drawing workshops.


The Statues Of Heroes

Malminkartano’s and Kannelmäki‘s own statues of heroes. The artist Enni Kömmistö has been asking around which person or group, or which issue, deserves a statue. The two horses were built during summer 2016, the Malminkartano horse is ridable for small children and now available for visits to kindergartens and likes, whereas the real-horse-sized Kannelmäki horse will return to its place by Antinniitty harvest field again next growing season.